About Scubajo

‘He who lives sees much. He who travels sees more.’ – Arab proverb

As a child I wanted to emigrate to some far-away-country. Belgium was fist choice. Now, after many years of reading about and tasting various cultures I am not so sure anymore. I enjoy everything I see, whether it is at home in The Netherlands, in Africa, New Zealand, on Iceland or in China. Every country has its unique places and adventures. That is what I like! The fact that we, humans, are just a small piece of the big machine is strange. In many places on our beautiful earth this feeling of being small brings me the respect she deserves. Especially volcanoes and geothermal active places have attacted me.

In the past years I have been fortunate to travel the world and taste many different cultures with some very good friends. I have been lucky to step on six continents: Europe, Africa, South-America, North-America, Asia and Oceania. And still my hunger for new places has not been kiulled. There are still so many countries, cities, people I would like to visit and meet.

On this blog I will post some short stories about my travels and share some images. Have fun reading…



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